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Lifecare Centre

Pioneering Pharmacy Partnerships

Lifecare Centre is a unique initiative of HLL that offers a wide range of reliable healthcare-related services to the people. The Centre fosters innovation in its services and makes them accessible to the people at economical costs. It offers Speciality Retail pharmacy for drugs, Surgical Implants, Life-saving Drugs and Opticals. Services like Dialysis, Speciality Day Care Clinics, Patient Support Services, etc., can also be offered by Lifecare Centres. The configuration of the Centre’s services can be designed based on need requirement. The services provide substantial cost saving and convenience to patients and doctors.

Lifecare Centres
  • Specialised Pharmacy
  • Drugs and Life-Saving Drugs
  • Surgical Implants
  • Cardio Vascular Implants
  • Surgical Equipment and Consumables
  • Lenses , Frames and IOL
  • Ophthalmic drugs