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Tele Radiology Reporting

Healthcare facilities in the country have been battling a severe shortage of radiologists for more than a decade now. Indeed, the demand for radiology services is skyrocketing. The rapid evolution of faster imaging technologies such as multi-slice CT, faster MRI scanners and sequences, coupled with an ageing population has led to a consistent per year increase in imaging volumes in recent years. This trend will certainly continue.


Today Teleradiology has become both global and online solution for this situation, which paves the way for radiologists to read images from remote locations, round-the -clock. This technique of imaging has allowed healthcare providers to tackle technology to provide quick, high-quality and widely accessible specialist care.

With a robust network of radiologists, HLL’s Teleradiology facility is providing a comprehensive reporting and technical solutions to various public and private healthcare organisations in India. Through a synergy of patient focus, great people and modern technology, we can provide Hospital and Healthcare managers flexible tailored solutions that can help to deliver shorter waiting lists and cost savings.
The mission of HLL Lifecare is to provide world class radio diagnostic services even to rural hospitals and diagnostic centres across the country. This is being done through its Teleradiology centres by cutting edge technologies and with highly qualified panel of Radiologists.

Our Service includes,
a) Routine Reporting Service- Radiology reporting/reading services from dedicated and highly qualified Radiologists.
b) Second Opinion Service- Able to provide Second Opinions for any critical case, if so desired by the patient. The sub-specialized radiologists can put in their opinions of these cases.
c) Peer Review Service-This is required for Quality Control and is often asked for by JACHO& QCI certification.
d) Rad e-Learning programme for Radiologists.

Our advantages are as follows,
  • 24x7 reporting services
  • No software recurring expense for the institution
  • Requirements from the hospital are just to have the scan equipment in DICOM format and a computer with good internet access
  • Charging only for the cases reported. If the hospitals do not send any case, then there is no payment
  • Emergency reporting within 1 hour
  • American Board Certified & FRCR qualified eminent Radiologist in the panel
Our state-of-art technology in teleradiology and present service delivery model for providing cost-effective and flexible radiological services is very useful for Healthcare institutions.

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